If you've been delving into the silk world, you may have heard of the term 'momme', e.g our Pillowcases are 25 momme.  But, what does this mean?
25 Momme Silk Eye Mask - Golden Beige
Momme is the Japanese way of weighing silk. The bigger the 'momme' the heavier the silk and the higher quality it is. A higher momme means a more durable, stronger silk, one that will last you longer. Silk products on the market are normally 17-22 momme silk, however, we made all of our products 25 momme, the epitome of luxury. 25 momme has the ability to last up to 10 years with 30% more silk per square inch than 19 momme. We wanted to give you the 'crème de la crème' of silk, that will last you longer and give you the most benefits.
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