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How to Get Stronger, Healthier and More Manageable Hair - Tips From The Experts! - Nice Cream London

How to Get Stronger, Healthier and More Manageable Hair - Tips From The Experts!


  1. Use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment at least once a week
In order for your hair to be strong, it must be able to stretch! If your hair is lacking elasticity, it will break far too easily and be unable to withstand daily styling. The best way to improve your hair’s elasticity is to use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. These plump the hair shaft with moisture, increasing resilience, strength, bounce and shine. Anabel Kingsley (trichologist, and daughter of Philip Kingsley) says “I recommend our Elasticizer. Use it once weekly if you have short or medium length dry hair, and twice weekly if your strands are very damaged or past shoulder length.” 
The Nice Cream Company Scrunchies and Philip Kingsley Hairbrush and Elasticizer
  1. Invest in the right hair-brush
Your hairbrush is a tool you use every day, and often multiple times a day, so investing in a hair-friendly one is incredibly important. The wrong brush can do a great deal of damage over-time. Anabel says “Look for a brush with rounded, plastic prongs, to avoid scratching the scalp and degrading the hair cuticle (its outer protective layer). Also, a vented cushioned base is ideal as it allows heat to disperse when you style. I love our Vented Paddle Brush."
  1. Boost your hair with protein
Hair is made of protein, and dietary protein provides your strands with the essential building blocks they need to grow long and strong. As such, including enough in your daily diet is very important. In terms of hair growth, try to add at least a palm sized portion of protein to your breakfast and lunch. The best examples are eggs, quinoa, low-fat cottage cheese, oily fish, such as salmon and sardines, and lean meat. To give your hair an extra boost of protein, take a daily protein supplement. Anabel says “I recommend our PK4 Hair Soya Protein Boost, which contains all essential amino acids (proteins your body cannot make on its own).”
  1. Make your up do less damaging
When you tie your hair up, the elastic band that you use will be rubbing against your delicate hair, causing unwanted breakage and flyaways. Using 
Silk Scrunchies will help reduce the friction on your hair, instead, gliding over the hair gently. This means your hair will be stronger  and feel more nourished after you have worn it up, rather than dry and with indents.
  1. Check your iron
It is very common for women to have low Iron and Ferritin (stored iron) levels. A deficiency in either of these can affect the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair loss and the growth of shorter, wispier hairs – especially on the sides of your scalp and temples. If you suspect you have low iron levels, ask your doctor for a blood test. If your periods are quite heavy, and you do not eat red meat, it is likely that you will benefit from taking a multivitamin containing Iron. Anabel says “I often prescribe our Tricho Complex Nutritional Supplement to the women I see for consultation. As well as Iron, Tricho Complex contains L-lysine, which helps the body to store Iron, and Vitamin C, which aids in absorption.”
  1. Stop fussing
Most people love to fuss with their hair. It feels good to run your hands or a brush through it, twiddle the ends when you are deep in thought, and to go over the front sections of it with heated styling tools a couple of extra times simply for the satisfaction! However, hair can only take so much before it starts to fray. Once it has emerged from your scalp hair is, after all, dead tissue. Unlike your skin, your strands do not regenerate themselves when cut or damaged. Be mindful of how you treat it from day-to-day.
6. Upgrade your pillow
Your hair is delicate and it has to put up with so much during the day, with styling, sun damage and other external factors, the last thing it needs is to be rubbed all over a cotton pillow for 8 hours afterwards. Anabel says “If you often wake up with a dreaded case of the frizzies and tangles, it can be a good idea to re-think your pillowcase. Silk pillowcases can reduce friction and static so your hair stays smoother. They can also help keep your blow dry for longer.” The Nice Cream Company’s Privé Silk Pillowcase is the highest quality Silk and reduces friction, so your hair stays smoother, stronger and less prone to breakage.
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