These golden rules will help you achieve the best slumber...

  •  No screens before bed - the blue light suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin.
  • Sleep on Silk - Silk naturally regulates its temperature, so it stays cool when your warm and warm when its colder. This means no more flipping the pillow to get the cool side! Try our Silk Pillowcases.
  • Snooze you lose - Set your alarm for the time you are waking up, rather than planning to press snooze.
  • Keep it dark - Make sure your room is as dark as it can be for the perfect nights sleep. Not got the perfect darkness? Try our Silk Eye Mask for the perfect nights sleep.
  • Tea Ritual - Nighttime teas are the perfect way to prepare your body for sleep. Take one to bed with you and read a few pages of a book. Your body will relax down into a wonderful nights sleep.
  • Keep it cool - Your body needs to lose heat during the night to get deep sleep, so make sure the room isn't too warm.
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"The Best Silk Scrunchies on the market"

Glamour Magazine 2021

The products are divine especially the silk pillowcases which I have bought several of. They are worth every penny! The packaging and the personal messages are a lovely touch too!

Sam, Nice Cream Customer

Fabulous company. Items arrived promptly. The slippers are so luxurious.

Nicola, Nice Cream Customer

The only silk scrunchies you will need! The quality is insane and come in beautiful colours. Delivery is always on time and always comes packaged to perfection! Highly recommend!!

Danielle, Nice Cream customer

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