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Privé Queen Size Pillowcase Slip - Blush Pink

The Revolutionary Silk Pillowcase.

Our state-of-the-art Pillowcases, made with only premium 25 Momme Silk are creating miracles to women and men like you all over the globe. 

Wake up with softer skin, smoother hair and feeling more refreshed after a wonderful nights sleep.

We choose our silk (which is 30% thicker than leading competitors) because of its buttery-soft, uber-luxurious and cool-to-the-touch feel. There are many different weaves and standards of silk, meaning there are lots of different price points too, but we can promise you that our Silk is the finest and the most beneficial of them all.

Classic pillowcase crafted from the finest 25 Momme 6A Highest Grade Mulberry silk. Queen/International Standard (51x76cm/20"x30").


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