Luxe Silk Hair Scrunchie - Amalfi

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Life's too short not to treat your hair to the most luxurious fabric in the world.

Now oozing elegance in the colour of the shimmering Amalfi Coast, this piece of art will finish off your summer outfits with the most opulent touch. Gliding over the hair like a knife through butter, no tugging or damage caused, resulting in glossy locks post-wear. 

If you invest in your haircare, this should be a solid staple in your collection. 


Crafted in the English Countryside in the finest pure silk, made for people who only choose the best. Presented in our signature gold stamped gift box made from recycled materials, tied with an elegant bow.

Luxe Silk Hair Scrunchie - Amalfi

Luxe Silk Hair Scrunchie - Amalfi




The smooth, tight weave of the natural silk fibres mean that your silk pillow is beautifully soft so your skin will drag significantly less and you will wake up with less creases and wrinkles. Silk is also less absorbent than normal cotton, meaning your face creams stay where they are meant to.


The silk causes less friction than cotton, so bed head is a thing of the past and your blow dry will last even longer. As the silk is less absorbent, the hair will keep its moisture too and any split ends or frizziness will decrease.


Silk naturally regulates temperature. Turning your pillow over for the cooler side will be a thing of the past. Silk has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, mould and other allergens. This will change the texture of your skin, making it smoother. If you have a child, you should also consider it for them too.