Our Privé Silk is the highest grade, 6A long fibre mulberry Silk, with the thickness of 25 Momme. 
We have the strictest standards and only allow non-toxic dyes, so whether you choose one of our luxurious Privé Pillowcases, or even our Silk Scrunchies, you can be sure that it will be high quality and delicate on even the most sensitive skins.
To prolong the life of your silk pillowcase, we recommend hand washing them it in cool water (no higher than 30°C) with a pH neutral liquid detergent and leave to dry naturally. Silk is a delicate fabric and the more you look after it, the more it will look after you.
Our 25 Momme Silk is durable, so it can be machine washed too.
We recommend:
- Turning your Pillowcase inside out and placing it in a Delicates Bag
- Using only Silk Detergent 
- Putting it on a Delicates Wash of 30°C
- No Tumble Drying
- Leave to air dry