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Founded by Mother and Daughter duo, Julia and Abigayle in 2018.
After hearing about the wonderful benefits of Silk Pillowcases, Abigayle bought some for herself to try. Loving the benefits, she told everyone about how much difference it had made to her hair and skin. 
Not too long after, the silk pillowcases quickly started falling apart and tearing in holes, despite using all the correct washing procedures.
It was then that that Abigayle and her mother, Julia started researching the different qualities of silk and why some silk pillowcases are £20 and others are £85.
Eventually, they sourced a premium silk pillowcase from the origin of silk itself, the highest quality and 30% thicker silk than they had ever seen on the market and knew that other people who care about their skin and hair needed this too.
Nice Cream was founded in 2018 with premium silk pillowcases, sleep masks and scrunchies and have been featured in Hello!, Glamour, Liz Earle Magazine, Top Sante and more since.


In 2019, Nice Cream bought super-cosy Sheepskin Slippers to the market, loved by bloggers and sold out within the first week of sales.

Our Sheepskin Slippers are loved all over the world and are now a staple in our repertoire.



In 2021, Nice Cream manufactured their first ever Silk Clothing. Made from the same premium silk and beautifully manufactured in London with an incredible atelier who is a specialist in fine silk clothing.



"With everything we produce, quality is the main objective. We couldn't put our name to anything that isn't of the highest quality.

We truly believe that because we have always put quality over profits, this is why we get such beautiful reviews from our customers and 70% are repeat buyers.

Thank you so much for supporting us and helping us to create more wonderful pieces to make your life more luxurious, everyday"

Abigayle and Julia