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Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Sleep - Nice Cream London

Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Sleep

Your bedtime environment determines how well you will sleep. Lots of noise, light and even too many pillows will impede on your slumber.
To help you get the best nights sleep, we have curated the perfect set-up for you to implement into your bedroom!
Your body needs to be half a degree celsius lower than normal to sleep, so keeping your bedroom cool is a must for a good nights sleep.
Using candles or low-light lamps before bed is the best way to ease from your evening relaxation into your slumber. No overhead bright lights.
Too many pillows and too-high pillows will interfere with your sleep. Just one pillow (with a Silk Pillowcase of course) is enough.
Keep your phone off during sleep, the blue light from your phone will trick your body into thinking its daytime, interrupting your sleep.
Natural fibres are key. For your Pillow, sleeping on Silk is essential for good hair, good skin and a good nights sleep. You can shop the best Silk Pillowcases here.
Invest time and money into the perfect mattress for you. After all, you spend 8 hours a night on it.
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